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Please, read carefully the following General Terms of Use prior to using the website.

These General Terms constitute an agreement between you and KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD for obtaining the right to use the services of the website konstruktive.bg free of charge for personal and non-commercial purposes while complying with the conditions herein.

By accessing (loading) this website you agree to be bound by the General Terms published below and by all their subsequent amendments and you agree to comply therewith.

In case that you disagree with any of the general terms described below, please refrain from using this website.


As defined in the current General terms, the terms listed below have been used in the following meanings:

1. ‘’USER’ is any individual, who uses any of the services of the website.

2. ‘SERVICE/SERVICES’ of the website include:

- receiving access via a web browser to the data resources/information available on the website;

- receiving e-mail bulletins from website USERS


These General Terms are binding only in terms of the relationship between you, as a USER of the services of the website, and KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD. You obtain the right to use the services of the website only for personal and non-commercial purposes.


1. All rights have been reserved. All intellectual property rights on the information resources and materials published on this website are subject to protection under the current Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (LCNR) and their unauthorised use is a violation of the law with ensuing civil, administrative and criminal liabilities as defined under the active Bulgarian legislation.

2. All have the right to quote information on the website and they shall be responsible for its accuracy. When quoting the source, together with a hyper-link to its internet address, need to be quoted.

3. Including links to materials from the website and the electronic bulletins on your internet site is only allowed after the explicit consent of KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD.

4. Any use of the materials outside of the definitions above, such as for feeding databases, publishing, multiplication, any form of commercial use and distribution to third parties without the knowledge and consent of KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD is forbidden.

5. KONSTRUCTIV BULGARIA EOOD may present the collected statistical data on the number of visits to the website to advertising agencies which keep count of the number of clicks on their advertisement banners and links. It may also prepare internal statistics for the needs of both the direct marketing of KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD and their business partners.

6. By accepting the following General Terms, the USER agrees to having their personal information processed for the purposes of direct marketing. The user shall have the right to object to their personal information being processed by sending a notification in writing to the address of KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD, Sofia, postal code 1505, 3 Madrid Bld., fl. 1.


1. Despite all measures taken to ensure that the information is objective and accurate, some of the data, analyses, and opinions published on the website are based on external sources.

2. KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD as a whole and its employees in particular shall not be held liable in any case for damages or other adverse effects on individuals, administrative bodies and/or organisations which took action or refrained from taking action as the direct result of the information published on the website or in the e-mail bulletins.

3. The SERVICES of the website shall be provided to the users of KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD without explicit warranties or ceding rights to the information therein. KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD and their representatives shall not be held responsible for any damages to third parties ensuing from the use or inability to use materials, even if KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD have been warned in advance of the risk of such damages occurring.

4. KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD and their trade representatives do not guarantee the accuracy and thoroughness of the information, texts, graphs, links, and other media contained in the materials on the website.

5. KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD reserves the right to make corrections to the materials at any time without prior notice.


KONSTRUKTIV BULGARIA EOOD reserves the right to make changes in the current General Terms at any time and shall publish such changes on the website in due time together with a message about the changes in the General Terms. The changes come into force as of the moment of their publishing on the current internet website.


The current Bulgarian legislation shall apply for all matters not settled in the current General Terms.


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