Residential complex “Lozana”

Lozen, Bulgaria

Residential complex “Lozana” represents the idea of a “green home” offering all the necessary amenities to build a family. The buildings and the surrounding area are designed to provide a diverse range of activities in the living environment - entertainment, recreation, sports, service, and socializing.

Situated on a mountain slope, the complex reveals views of Vitosha, Stara Planina and Sofia, providing a sense of spaciousness, tranquility and immersion in the surrounding landscape.

The main concept of the complex is to achieve a symbiosis between the nature and the buildings. The master plan has been developed with a consideration of the human scale . Maximum separation of road and pedestrian access has been achieved. Each building has an individual approach to the park area. The public service area is located in the lower part, providing independent access for non-residents.

The design of the housing units - single-family houses and multifamily buildings follows the logic of the natural slope and ensures the best possible view and a sense of private space for its residents.


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