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The work on the assigned activities as planned in the creative design, the preliminary developments and later, the preparation of the project documentation, were all done at a very high professional level. Architect Nikolova and her colleagues were very compliant with our requirements as a Contractor, but they also gave us valuable professional advice.

The result of our cooperation is one great project, highly praised by the approving authorities.

The team of ARTPOINT OOD has always been responsive to our need for additional professional information and cooperation regarding authorities and institutions, which proves they are a reliable partner.

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The team acted very professional when examining the initial condition of the building.

The whole project documentation was prepared with the due diligence, quality, quantity and within deadline.

Our cooperation continues to this day, and that makes us very happy.

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The team of KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA EOOD did an excellent job, observing all our requirements and working highly professionally.

We are glad we have them as a reliable partner and that our cooperation continues to this day.

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The research prepared by the team of KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA EOOD gave us complete information about the characteristics and opportunities for development of these plots, including alternatives, scenarios, sample planning, volumetric solutions, presence/absence of engineering infrastructure, data from utility companies and state structures parameters of development, urban planning and others.

Without such information, Arco Invest EOOD., in its capacity as an investment company would not have been able to make fully informed decisions about the investment potential of certain projects and/or plots.                                                         

The team of KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA EOOD has always been honest in fulfilling their commitments, while often performing activities and researching facts without that being specifically requested by us to safeguard our investment interest.

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KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA are our longtime partners. OK IMOT EOOD has assigned and continues to assign some of the most important investment projects. We can always rely on them when we need high professionalism and personal responsibility towards our investments.

We are glad that KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA EOOD is our partner and that we can rely on them.

During the construction phase, the necessary contacts between the experts from WIENERGERGER EOOD and ARTPOINT OOD were made. All products were diligently selected and all technological requirements were observed.

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After oversight performed by BAUMIT BULGARIA EOOD, we discovered the great precision, internal control and professional attitude of the company when implementing the heat insulation system.

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For over ten years, the team of KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA has been showing high professionalism and diligence when carrying out their commitments. As a reliable partner, we can often rely on them, knowing they will put the necessary effort and responsibility and the result of that are our happy clients.

We are glad that our cooperation continues to this day.

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KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA has always been performing their obligations professionally and responsibly. Our main goal is to protect the interests and investments of our clients and the clients are the very proof that this is happening.

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At one of the most busy and important moments for us, the KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA team stood by our side. They carried out all their obligations very strictly and in a well-organized manner.

We are glad that KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA became our partner.

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In the beginning of the designing process, the team of architect  Nikolova offered several motivated alternatives of the building in question, with visualizations and planning which helped us make the best choice possible.

ARTPOINT OOD’s experience in the design, construction and sale of real estates played an important role for project implementation.

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The team got personally involved not just with the design of the building, but they also took active part in the talks with the land owners and during the apartments sale.

ARTPOINT OOD and their partners put their heart into every assignment and work hard until its successful implementation.

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This reference is issued to certify the diligent and professional attitude towards the projects we have assigned.

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We are satisfied with the high quality, diligence and timely manner in which the job was carried out and that is why our cooperation still continues.

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The company carried out all design works and handed over all technical documentation within the agreed deadlines, enabling timely and high quality performance of the whole process.

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