We create professionals

We at KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA welcome the young experts and seasoned professionals who want to join us.

The company’s success is due to our responsible and creative staff and for us it is extremely important to provide them with a pleasant and creative atmosphere.

The successful management of the team and the commitment taken on by the company is based on strict compliance with internal rules, a code of ethics and personal job descriptions.

In 2016 we implemented a specialized software for workflow management, which greatly facilitates and most importantly, ensures the successful implementation of each task.

The organization of the company consists of the core designers, property consultants, project managers and support staff, and peripherals, consisting of associates and subcontractors.

For the main positions at KONSTRUKTIVE BULGARIA, a mandatory requirement is to hold a higher education as an architect, with a Master’s degree. Each applicant undergoes an examination.

If you are ambitious and responsible person and want to join a positive, creative and motivated team, please send us your CV, portfolio and cover letter.

The positions you may apply for include: designer-architect, real estate consultant – architect, project manager, marketing assistant.

Thank you for your interest in us.

We will contact you as soon as possible.


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